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Contact Management Software Database for Customer and Business Client

On a daily basis, within any Big or Small Business will have to communicate with their suppliers and customers. As business grow, contact details will also add up. A single micro business may have more than 50 customers or greater and we might need to have a tool to help us with contact management. One of the solution to easily keep all phone numbers, email, address details organized is to use contact management software.

Microsoft Access Contact Management has proven to be very useful for any range of business. There are many software application available on the internet that we can use to manage contacts from free version to paid version. This free contact management is available to you. The simple interface is being created so that it is less hassle and easy for anyone. Let’s go through it steps by steps:

How to open the database
When you open this template, a pop up log-in windows will signal you to input username and password for security . One of the advantage, so you will not have to worry if you have confidential data.

For first time user:
– Close Pop up login ( click on ‘x’ top right corner)
– Click Enable Content under SECURITY WARNINGS
– Login with User “Roger1” and password “Admin”
contact management software

After log in, you will notice there are 3 menus: ‘Contacts’, ‘Reports’, and ‘QuitDB’. We’ll only discuss 2 of the menus, they are ‘Contacts’ and ‘Reports’. As ‘Quit DB’ just means to exit the template.

business contact manager

Contact Details Database:

Under ‘Contact’, you can start by filling in all the empty textbox. Start with Title, you can also use local title such as “Bapak” and so on. Followed by First Name, Last Name, Date of Birth, Email Address, Phone Number, Address, City and Country. Below is what it’ll look like after you input all details.

There are two User Level : ‘Admin’ and ‘User’.
‘Admin’ is someone who can input and edit any contacts, usually business owner or manager. This System Information is found on the bottom of contact details, will be visible only to ‘Admin’, to do any editing. While ‘User’ is someone who cannot change anything, can only open and read contacts.
contact database

Did you know this template can help you with personal contact management? All you have to do is set your own contact into ‘Admin’ level and set your own ‘Username’ and ‘Password’. As for ‘User’ level, ignore the Username and Password. Thus, you can use this template as personal contact management software.
If you are managing large number of sales persons in your company, you can use this as sales contact management software. Set your own /business owner or manager contact into ‘Admin’ level and set ‘Username’ and ‘Password’ accordingly. As for sales contacts, put is as ‘User’ level and ignore the rest.

The Contact ID field is auto-generated according to the number of contact data. This act as primary key and you are input or change any data under this field.

customer contact management

Contact Details Report
When you click on ‘Report’ menu under contact details database, you will see ‘Show Contact Details’ button.
client management software

Click on “Show Contact Details’ button, which is similar to print preview. Meaning they pull out all contacts details in a listing manner in order to be viewed or printed such as below:
customer management software

This template is multi-purpose and can easily be considered as basic contact management software. It enables you to store and find contact easily in an organized manner for any range of business.  Feel free to download the free contact management database software: